Work In Progress

But we’re gonna have three people contributing about random topics so yup stay tuned.





Hello! My name is Hexxer. I’m a Game and Graphic Designer in-training and I love arts and crafts! My other hobbies include postcard sending, painting and playing online games. I’ll be posting about art related topics as well as sharing the postcards that I receive from all over the world.


Wassup guys, MINGXXIE (pronounced “Ming Xie”) is my internet alias, but y’all can call me Ming for short. I’m a student double-majoring in Communications and Public Relations. I spend most of my free time either gaming, playing the guitar, or hacking around with computers. I also do a bit of photography too. On this blog, I intend to cover things related to technology, as well as a bit of my photography. Hope you guys out there find this blog informative and entertaining!

If you guys have anything to ask about the things I post, do leave a comment! Otherwise, I can also be reached at MINGXXIE_EMAILID.