Postcard #51 – #54: Russia

I received this postcard with a really interesting shape a while ago. Don’t you think it looks weird? The edges kinda look like a stamp. I guess it’s fitting since it’s somewhat spiky like a cactus. The sender, Marina, writes that she wishes me ‘fresh ideas, easy solutions and inspiring trips.’ How nice!

2017-05-26 17.53.01

This postcard is from a 7-year-old in Moscow called Artem. Pretty cool! He writes hello in Russian but I couldn’t read it until I realised that in this game that I play called Overwatch, my favourite character says it out loud. 😀 привет (pree-vee-et) That, and I had to watch a short YouTube video on how to pronounce it before I could actually say it. I don’t think a native speaker would understand what I’m saying though!

2017-05-26 17.53.44

This is one of my favourite cards because it has a fairytale-like illustration. Tanya writes about how the illustration is based on a fairytale by Pushkin, a famous Russian poet. I’ve gotta go check that out! If anyone can translate exactly what it says in the description below, I’ll add it as a caption!

2017-05-26 17.54.24

This postcard is from Alla in Moscow. I am QUITE SURE that this is a Siberian brown bear. I’m FAIRLY certain because Zarya has another quote in Overwatch that says, “I want to hug you like big, fuzzy Siberian bear.’ That, and I googled images and characteristics of these bears and found that the one in the postcard looks like them. The one in the fairytale postcard also seems like a Siberian brown bear. One of their characteristics is having darker fur on their legs than the rest of their bodies. The more you know!

2017-05-26 17.54.48


Sometimes my friends wonder why I know such obscure facts. I can thank all these little opportunities like receiving postcards which teach me how to say ‘hello!’ (pree-vee-et!) in Russian to linking information from the cards I receive to the games I play. Otherwise, I might’ve just seen the bear as a bear rather than actually going to find out what kind of bear it is! Anyway, enough of my rambling! Until next time!

Anyway, enough of my rambling! Until next time!



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