Postcards #55 – #59: The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Norway and Ukraine

This postcard is from Mieke in The Netherlands. She works as a bereavement therapist for children. Sounds like a really fulfilling job! I hope she does lots of good work. I never knew there were therapists which concentrated on such specific fields. This second card is really interesting. I tried to message the sender to ask more about the coat of arms on the card but they have replied. If anyone can clarify, I’ll update this post accordingly. From my brief Googling, I learnt that these are coat of arms of different regions in the Czech Republic. The card is … Continue reading Postcards #55 – #59: The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Norway and Ukraine

Postcard #51 – #54: Russia

I received this postcard with a really interesting shape a while ago. Don’t you think it looks weird? The edges kinda look like a stamp. I guess it’s fitting since it’s somewhat spiky like a cactus. The sender, Marina, writes that she wishes me ‘fresh ideas, easy solutions and inspiring trips.’ How nice! This postcard is from a 7-year-old in Moscow called Artem. Pretty cool! He writes hello in Russian but I couldn’t read it until I realised that in this game that I play called Overwatch, my favourite character says it out loud. 😀 привет (pree-vee-et) That, and I had to … Continue reading Postcard #51 – #54: Russia