Postcards #44 – #49: USA

One of my favourite cards that I’ve received from the US so far is this die-cut wolf card from Great Wolf Lodge. You don’t get many cards in shapes other than rectangles! The send was from Massachusets.

Photo 23-5-17, 4 26 16 PM

This next card features an Elk from the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The sender mentioned that they saw these cute little animals called Pikas and Marmots. How I wish I get to see them in person one day! I wouldn’t mind seeing a real live Elk as well. 2017-05-23 16.25.33

One of the few Anime cards I’ve ever received and it came with a series of stamps showing an Artic Fox, Snowy Owl and Gray Wolf. Tooo cute! The sender wrote a link to her daughter’s blog. Which I think is such a fun idea! I even wanted to get a eel plush toy after I browsed through it. I haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z but I think the character on this card is called Vegeta and something something power level over 9000.2017-05-23 16.25.06

This next card comes from San Antonio, Texas, a famous tourist city and historic site. (According to the sender.) The sender congratulated Singapore on the first Olympic gold medal won by the swimmer, Joseph Schooling and said that it was an inspiring story of how he beat his childhood idol, Michael Phelps. 2017-05-23 16.24.47


The sender was in Utah but she purchased the card while visiting Oregon Coast. Terri says the sea lions are really entertaining to watch although it’s a really long drive to the coast. She says she wishes the sea were nearer. For a while back, my grandparents used to practically live by the seaside but

For a while back, my grandparents used to practically live by the seaside but personally, we all didn’t like it that much. Different strokes for different folks, I guess! Lovely card though.


2017-05-23 16.24.00
Settar Sea Lion bull and his harem at the lookout at the famous sea Lion Caves on the Oregon Coast. Some bulls attain weights over 2,000 pounds. Photo by Duane O. Nielsen




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