Postcards#38 – #43: Germany

A lovely postcard showing the sights in a little village in Germany. It’s not something I’ve ever seen in real life before. I would love to visit one day!

2017-05-23 16.22.11

I had also mentioned on my Postcrossing account that I like Pokemon and this is the first Pokemon postcard that I received! The three pokemon on the bottom are called Totodile, Elekid and Hoot Hoot. Totodile is my favourite of course.

2017-05-23 16.21.46

The poor kittycat on the card looks absolutely mortified! I THINK the caption on the card says ‘It wasn’t me!’ or ‘I didn’t do it!” something along those lines. I’m just guessing so if anyone knows a bit of German please correct me! The card was sent from somewhere near the Black Forest, 10,000+ km away from where I live!

2017-05-23 16.22.50

Cats are an awfully common topic of the postcards I receive! Maybe it’s because I put that I like animal cards in my description. This was sent by an animal rescuer who works at a nature reserve. That’s so cool!

2017-05-23 16.22.31

This next card was sent from Karlsruhe. Matthias mentions how he loves travelling and would pick up a backpack and be ready to go at short notice. I wish that I dared to do something like that as well! When I plonk the text into Google translate, it comes back as ‘The tax inspector come!’.

2017-05-23 16.20.55

I love this last card I received. It is a painting by Gustav Klimt! The card is embossed with golden bits and is a little shiny! Here are the details on the back of the card:

The Virgin

Oil on Canvas

190 x 200cm, 1912 – 1913

Narodni Galerie, Prag

2017-05-23 16.21.22


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