Postcard: #36 & #37 New Zealand

This postcard I received from New Zealand is amazing. It was sent by Sir Gordon Drummond, a cat, self-proclaimed Terroriser of FATDOGS. This is what it said on the back of the card:

Meow, My name is Gordon, you may call me “Gordon the Great”. I am a cat and I am forced against my will to live with a FATDOG. I don’t like the FATDOG and I’m gonna ‘get’ the FATDOG one day. I was here first and lately…. I have seen FATDOG on the BED!!!!! I need your advice on how to dispose of FATDOG. He needs to learn his place because I am the boss of FATDOGS. Purr purr. Love Gordon….. the Great.

New zealand (2)

Another cute animal card from New Zealand. A fuzzy wuzzy little lamb. Isn’t it just darling? The sender wrote about spring time in her card and how she visited and loved the Singapore Botanical Gardens!

new zealand


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