Postcards #30 & #31: Australia

I received two cards from Australia. One from Sydney. I’m not quite sure where the other one is from! It doesn’t say on the back and the sender didn’t state it. I think these are the only two Maxi cards that I’ve received so far! 

In philately a maximum card (also known as a maxicard, or maxicard) is a postcard with a postage stamp placed on the picture side of the card where the stamp and cardmatch or are in concordance. The cancellation is usually related to the image on the front of the card and the stamp.

The first card features some cheetahs (Acinoyx jubatus). They’re an endangered species in Australian zoos. I went to a zoo in Perth when I visited but I don’t think I got to see any cheetahs there.

Australia (2)

The second card has a picture of a lionfish on it. It really looks majestic! The sender is a French chef and cooking teacher that lives in Sydney. He says he owns a postcard site and asks us all to go check it out!



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